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with Art & Photography

« L’eau de mère » Bottle Boobs – 2021

Nature Morte 1

In French, a still life is called a nature morte which means « Dead Nature ». I like « Still Life » much better as it sounds more positive but in this case « Nature Morte » perfectly describes my feeling and message behind this work. Spring 2021 I picked up some trash and some flowers at the local riverside. I […]

Lady in Red Bull

That feeling when trash becomes treasure, when a sodacan becomes a dress… Rubber chicken lady with googly eye…

The Rubber Chicken Rescue Committee

Today I want to introduce you to The Rubber Chicken Rescue Committee (RCRC) also called « The Chicks » The Chicks were found in a shop of a destocking company in May 2021. They were screaming out loud at me. I couldn’t miss them ! I paid 50 cents for each to take them home. Calmed down a […]