Rendons le monde meilleur!

Let’s make the world a better place!

with Art & Photography

This website is written in ‘Frenglish’. If there’s something you can’t read just look at the pictures and smile 🙂 Cheese! Myrthe

Ce site internet est écrit en ‘Franglais’. Si vous ne pouvez pas tout lire, regardez les images et souriez 🙂 Ouistiti! Myrthe

The Wonder Garden Online

It was kind of a heartbreaking but right decision. The only way to go on creating Art from the Heart and keep on looking myself and others straight in the eyes. The local third place where the Spirit of Openness and Sharing was key is now closed to part of the public. No more Culture […]

Magical August Light

Just want to show you my Ooh’s and Aah’s from today’s walk in La Creuse – France. It’s still so green! I think Autumn will be fantastic this year!!! To be continued …

Plastic Free July – the Winners

The 2 goals for this Plastic Free July were: 1.See if we can drink more tap water (maybe by using a filter?) 2.Create with Plastic Bottles, recycle them, make Art! Well I can tell you that I drank tapwater and I will be drinking more! The first tapwater I tasted was purified with Ceramic Rings […]


« Faire la photo c’est refaire le monde. L’embellir avec son regard» (-Myrthe Ciancia- Janvier 2021) « Making pictures is creating a new world. Creating beauty with the way of seeing things » In life it was often my photo camera who helped me to keep moving forward. To see the bright side! My colorful Art is a reflection of what inspires me during my […]