Changing the world – and now what? – what a mess!

I made a statement : I’m going to change the world !

And now what ??? That’s what I thought the next morning.

My goodness, what did I say ? I don’t even have a plan !

Luckely I recognized the good fear butterflies flying arround in my tummy.

It’s that feeling you have when you make a descision and a huge step forwards into a new adventure. It’s a good fear. It’s very scary. It’s a challenge and it’s in the direction you dream to go. You can feel that it’s right but you have to overcome your fears and take the next step.

You can do it ! I told myself. But where should I start ?

The answer came quite easily as my studio is a mess. I always loved the quote that say that creative people don’t have a mess, they have ideas lying around everywhere. Maybe I love that kind of quotes a little to much !

Time to go through all these ideas to leave some of them behind and use others for my new goal.

Time to go through my art supplies and start using what I have before buying new stuff. Maybe I should stop buying new stuff and just use second hand materials and trash …

That’s a good one I said ! It’s a tiny little step and will not directly safe the planet but it can get me into the right state of mind … GO clean up that mess first!!!

I made this picture this morning. I started the big clean up so for the moment all the ideas are even more lying around everywhere! It will be ok I guess. Wish me luck 😉 sigh …

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