Minette and the Forgotten Songs

“Listen Minette”, says Trim. “Can you hear all the birds sing?” “Now look! What do you see?”

“I see birdcages all over.” “It’s so beautiful and at the same time it’s so sad.” “Where are the birds?”, asks Minette. “Hold up you’re Banksia Lantern now” says Trim.

“Oooh”, says Minette “where do all these amazing birds come from?”

“What you see are beautiful memories”, says Trim, “from the time that the birds still lived here”. “They had to move because there are not enough nesting spots in town.”

“But these memories”, says Minette, “only you and me can see them”. “I wish I could share them with the world”.

And then Minette remembers the camera she has with her in her bag. The Wonder Camera …

To be continued …

Love, Myrthe

Minette and the “Forgotten Songs” by Michael Thomas Hill

“Forgotten Songs” is a public art work from Michael Thomas Hill located in Sydney.


MTH Studio

City Art Sydney

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