Minette and the Sea Legs

It was via Instagram that a friend contacted me. She thought I was in Australia with Minette and asked me if I would transit through Singapore. I would have loved to but I need to be present in the Wonder Garden. A good reason to send Minette and Mérion on a new adventure. They can take the boat in Sydney and maybe Minette can borrow Trim’s Sea Legs.

« Of course you can », says Trim when Minette tells him the news. « I don’t need them anymore, I’m too old to travel, I’m as stiff as a statue ! » « I’ll give them to you but you have to promise to stay in touch »

« Of course I will, says Minette and gives Trim a big headbunt.

To be continued,

Love, Myrthe

Minette and the Sea Legs

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