Born in Holland in 1972. Living in France since the early 2000s. Inspired by Pop Art, Kitsch and bright colours. Nature lover, wondering how I really, with my Art, can raise awareness about the state of our planet, change the world or at least make a difference. Positive minded.

It was only in 2018, after a tragic life event, that I decided to become a fulltime artist. Before that, my creations were part of my shop in Holland with kitsch and colorful items (The odd duck), part of a Bed & Breakfast when I started a life in France and part of being a brocanteur (vintage seller) who loved painting old furniture in bright colours.

In life it was often my photo camera who helped me to keep moving forward. To see the bright side ! Today I bring all my passions together. Going to the fleamarket to find old frames, or magazines to recycle. Going for a walk in nature. Making pictures of colorful and sometimes kitsch details at the countryside. Paint and draw in bright colours !

Photography Didier CIANCIA