Born in Holland in 1972. Living in France since the early 2000s. Myrthe’s life has always been about colours. Kid’s coloring contests, Graphic Design School, a Vintage, Kitsch and Postcard shop called « The Odd Duck », making Murals …

In France she becomes a ‘brocanteur’ and she paints old furniture to brighten up her Vintage stand at Flea Markets.

She discovers that Photography helps her to overcome the trials of life. Her camera makes her see beauty everywhere and that inspires her endlessly.

When in 2017 she suddenly looses her companion, she decides to leave everything behind and to dedicate her life to art.

Ugly things become fun. She uses trash from the streets and treasures from the fleamarkets to create joy.

Today, Myrthe is living a new life on the doorstep of the Valley of the Painters in France.

Her art is here to make you smile. Life is beautiful if you allow the bright colours in.

«Faire la photo c’est refaire le monde. L’embellir avec son regard» – Myrthe Ciancia

(“Making pictures is creating a new world. Creating beauty with the way of seeing things”)