Minette and the Sea Legs

It was via Instagram that a friend contacted me. She thought I was in Australia with Minette and asked me if I would transit through Singapore. I would have loved to but I need to be present in the Wonder Garden. A good reason to send Minette and Mérion on a new adventure. They can take the boat in Sydney and maybe Minette can borrow Trim’s Sea Legs.

« Of course you can », says Trim when Minette tells him the news. « I don’t need them anymore, I’m too old to travel, I’m as stiff as a statue ! » « I’ll give them to you but you have to promise to stay in touch »

« Of course I will, says Minette and gives Trim a big headbunt.

To be continued,

Love, Myrthe

Minette and the Sea Legs

Minette and the Dream Trees – Jacaranda Mimosifolia

« Come with me », says Trim, « I have more wonders to show you » « Are you ready for some Purple Rain ? » « Yes », says Minette and puts the Wonder Camera and – Lantern in her bag. « YES ! », says Mérion and starts to sing a song.

While walking and singing all together a magic blue light starts to shine all around them. « Here we are », says Trim, « Look up and admire the Dream Trees » Minette is speechless. Mérion already sits in the tree to play some music.

The Dream Tree, the Jacaranda came from South America to become an Icon of Sydney. The lavender blue blossoms, trumpet shaped flowers transform the light in the city during Springtime. Just magical !

« And now take another look, this time with the Wonder Lantern », says Trim.

A lovely woman is lying on a soft bed of Jacaranda flowers in the Dream Tree. The Amazonian Moon Goddess was brought there by a beautiful bird named Mitu a very long time ago.

« I’m so pleased to meet you » she says and starts to blow softly. Gentle Purple Rain drops of Jacaranda flowers start to fall on their heads. A legend tells us that when a Jacaranda flower falls on your head it will bring you Good Luck !

To be continued …

Love, Myrthe

Minette and the Dream Trees – Jacaranda Mimosifolia

Welcome birds to your garden

Minette and Mérion are a team now and here’s their first article. The question they asked the birds: “What does our garden need to attract birds?”

And here’s what the birds said



Local and organic food!

Local building supplies

A place to play hide and seek

To be continued …

Love, Myrthe

Minette and the Wonder Camera

“And then Minette remembers the camera she has with her in her bag. The Wonder Camera …”

With the Wonder Camera Minette can make and capture memories. Even the forgotten ones like the Birds from the “Forgotten Songs”.

Minette starts to look up into the sky through the lens when a Little Birdie says: “Please let me be your Camera Bird”. “I always dreamed of being a photographer and together we could make documentaries”.

“That’s not a bad idea”, says Minette, “we can start with your Bird Friends.

Let’s ask them some questions …”

To be continued …

Love, Myrthe