Red, Pink and Blue

Red was found at a local free market the 13th of October 2019. At a free market, ‘marché gratuit’ here in France, you can bring the stuff you don’t need anymore and you can take whatever you like ! Pink was adopted one month later the 23th of November. Also for free ! The ladies of the local « Secours Catholique » said that she wasn’t worth enough to be sold. When Pink went for a walk with us in the woods just afterwards she lost her tongue. She hasn’t spoken a word ever since. Red fell in love with her. Blue was found at a Church’ fleamarket that same Winter.

Red, Pink and Blue are in charge of everything second hand or vintage in my home. They are ringing the bell when too much stuff in the art studio is just hanging around and telling me that some vintage items should become happy in another home. They also insist on making art with old frames and things instead of new canvases and paint.

Since today they are officially my Etsy Shop Members and Curators. I’m grateful for the job they’re doing!

The other Photographer

Two photographers means two different visions of the world, and yet we got married one year ago!

If each of you is willing to send some love to someone with another world view we can make this world a better place! All together! Especially during the crisis we’re all living in! Let’s spread the love right here and right now! We all need it!

Here’s my view of « the other photographer » … with LOVE

Mariage de Photos

Flashback! One year ago we were installing our photo exhibition « Mariage de Photos » to celebrate our marriage. The pictures I chose to fill half of the exhibition were all part of a personal story.

And here’s what I wrote 1 year ago :

Pour notre mariage de photos j’ai choisi les images qui représentent mon amour pour le photographe Didier Ciancia. la Creuse, et les Couleurs. J’ai choisi les images avec une histoire personnelle!

Depuis longtemps venir vivre dans la Creuse était mon rêve. J’avais même fait immatriculer ma voiture en 23!

Photo 1 «La Bergère» représente mon rêve d’époque. Elle était prise au village de Masgot. 2015

Photo 2 «Laundry Blues» C’était début 2019, la première «Sortie Photo» avec mon nouvel appareil photo (et nouveau copain). Je l’avais «mal» réglé au tout début (l’appareil) et cette photo bleue fait toujours partie de mes préférées dans mes séries «Linge». Hérisson – Allier

Photo 3 «Confetti Rain», c’est D. qui m’avait proposé cette sortie au Carnaval de Montluçon pour pouvoir capter les Couleurs que j’aime tant! 2019

Photo 4 «The Flower Market»(Amsterdam) Bien évidemment, je l’ai fait visiter mon pays natal ! 2019

Photo 5 «Le Photographe» Touriste en Hollande! C’est rare que je fais un portrait mais on le reconnaît bien hein?! 2019

Photo 6 «Poppies» Qu’est ce qu’il se passe quand exceptionnellement 2 photographes n’ont pas d’appareils photos avec eux? Ils tombent sur un champs de coquelicots magnifique! C’était au retour de l’installation de notre «Banc d’Amour» pour l’exposition «Bancs Poèmes» à Souvigny dans l’Allier. Notre première expo ensemble. On est retourné voir et photographier le champs de coquelicots dés le lendemain! Estivareilles – 2019

Photo 7 «Ronde du Jardin» On est venu vivre dans la Creuse, à Bonnat, début octobre 2019 et nous avons découvert «Le Chai». En 2020 on a visité quelques jardins colorés «Le Ronde des Jardins» du Chai. A refaire! Je recommande!

Photo 8 ««Y» a Pas de LézArt» aussi via Le Chai, nous avons fait connaissance avec le CAC23, la Collective d’Artistes de la Creuse. On a passé une belle journée tout en exposant à Fursac. Il y avait des bouquets de fleurs qui poussaient dans les arbres! 2020

Les Photos 9, 10 et 11 représentent ma façon de photographier le paysage Creusois.

Amoureuse de la Creuse, Heureuse dans la Creuse et à la recherche des Couleurs de la Creuse, je travaille actuellement sur la série «Au fil du Paysage» A Bientôt!

Photo 9 «Hay Bales» 23 – Creuse 2020

Photo 10 «Au fil du Paysage» ‘1Bleu’ 23 – Creuse 2020

Photo 11 «Au fil du Paysage» ‘2Vert’ 23 – Creuse 2020

Princess Trash 2

Yesterday I took Princess Trash to the place where we found her plastic castle! She doesn’t talk much so I really don’t know her story (yet) but when I asked her to help me raise awereness of plastic waste she said yes! We did a little ‘mise en scène’ at the riverside and today the local library is sharing the photos on Facebook and via email to library members so everybody can see them.

Princess Trash, found at the riverside in Champsanglard. Looking for her plastic castle at the beach of Anzême. She says: »My castle fell in the water »
The Lost Castle found at the beach of Anzême. It says: »I lost my Princess »
and they lived happely ever after for at least 500 years (« I love you – Me too »)

Princess Trash

It was a beautiful day in May. We cleaned up part of the riverside with some local people. When I found this little plastic creature in between all the plastic trash it gave me a big smile on my face. I put it in my little bag and told everybody that I found a garden gnome. Some might have think it was strange that this little find could make me so extremely happy but I saw it as a sign. A sign of life in the middle of all this plastic waste. A sign of hope for our planet. A step in the right direction to change the world. I kept it in my bag for a couple of weeks and then put it on the old fireplace mantel in my home. Waiting for a story …

The day before yesterday we went for a walk at the riverside and we found a plastic castle. « A lost castle » I called it. I didn’t link it immediately to the little plastic creature but when I woke up this morning I just knew it. It’s not a garden gnome ! She’s a princess ! It’s Princess Trash ! We found her Lost Castle !!! Oh My Goodness ! I’m not sure how the rest of story goes but I’ll let you know when I found out ! To be continued…

The Wonder Garden Online

It was kind of a heartbreaking but right decision. The only way to go on creating Art from the Heart and keep on looking myself and others straight in the eyes.

The local third place where the Spirit of Openness and Sharing was key is now closed to part of the public. No more Culture for people who do not wish to show a valid QR code to be Accepted.

As I want my Art to be for Everybody who Choose to see it, my Wonder Garden Project will be moved from the local garden to this place online. Let it be your Free Choice to follow me here!

I adjusted the description a bit … before writing a new one

‘The Wonder Garden’ is still my new Art Challenge. I’ll be making Art and asking myself and you the question : « How can I really, with my Art, raise awareness about the state of our planet ?« , while creating stories about biodiversity in the garden of the ‘third place’ in my street. As I live in an apartment I will imagine a garden ’m very happy with my new playground. I will learn lots of beautiful things, I can feel it! . During my new project I’ll count on you friends-artists-gardeners and others to inspire me and give me advice. I’ll do my best to inspire you and to share the great things I learn!


Magical August Light

Just want to show you my Ooh’s and Aah’s from today’s walk in La Creuse – France. It’s still so green! I think Autumn will be fantastic this year!!! To be continued …

Plastic Free July – the Winners

The 2 goals for this Plastic Free July were:

1.See if we can drink more tap water (maybe by using a filter?)

2.Create with Plastic Bottles, recycle them, make Art!

Well I can tell you that I drank tapwater and I will be drinking more!

The first tapwater I tasted was purified with Ceramic Rings and the taste was ok!

While I’m writing this there’s a piece of Active Charcoa in a bottle of tapwater doing its job!

Testing, testing and now wondering how I’am going to collect plastic bottles to create as I will buy not that many of them anymore. Yes I will be creating with plastic bottles in the Wonder Garden! As you can see at the picture I now have an old suitcase full of Plastic Bottle Pieces and that’s only a start 😉

The most Simple and Fun idea I found to recycle a little plastic bottle is THE SHAKER or MARACA! Easy to make and so much fun to play with! No need to cut the bottle. Just put some rice (or something else to make the noise) in the bottle and decorate it. I made a collage from supermarket promotions using Varnish Glue!

If you make one HAVE FUN!

Plastic Free July

Today I found out that it’s « Plastic Free July ». It’s about choosing to refuse single use plastic. Or at least try it!

I will be using this « plastic free » theme to become aware of how many single plastic I still use even though we do alot of our grocery shopping at local markets with our own bags. In our case, the biggest single use plastic item we use is a waterbottle! As the tapwater in the village is often not good we drink bottled mineral water.

Very recently I started to keep the empty bottles with the plan to create something with them. I’m impressed by the number. In no time I could fill the appartment with empty water bottles. At the pictures you only see some blue ones.

I’m setting myself 2 goals for this Plastic Free July.

1.See if we can drink more tap water (maybe by using a filter?)

2.Create with Plastic Bottles, recycle them, make Art!

To start I created a Pinterest Board with Plastic Bottle Art Ideas. Feel free to follow me or to create with me. When I start creating I’ll share with you how I do it!

To be continued …