Minette in Australia at the Incognito Art Show

It’s Minette! She’s in Australia!

For those who do not know her yet here’s a little introduction. « Minette is a French cat, her fingers are Green, the Garden is her Castle, she is a Garden Queen. » She’s the star in the story « Minette and the Wonder Garden ». As she wants her stories to be available for everyone she stopped working on her local Art Garden Project right after peeing at the famous pass. She came and live with us in our apartment where she spent her time dreaming about gardening and traveling.

When I was recently asked to participate in the Incognito Art Show in Sydney there was no doubt about it. Minette was going to travel ! The Art Show was last weekend. It was great ! But now what ? Australia is so big ! Where could she go to have a Green Look or give a Green Hand ? Do you have any suggestions ?

Minette voyage

Minette sent me her first « Selfie » today. It’s the first day of Winter so she’s trying out some hats.

Minette with a hat

Love, Myrthe

Jenny’s Secret Summer Mermaid

I proudly present and highly recommend this new book. Jenny’s Secret Summer Mermaid. Published by Balboa Press. Marie Hudson is a great writer and it’s a pleasure working with her.

Jenny’s Secret Summer Mermaid at BALBOA PRESS

Dog lover Jenny flies to Florida to her grandparents when her Mother has a new baby. Devastated, her promised puppy was not possible because of the new baby. Told through the eyes of nine years old Jennifer, her highs and lows, you feel Jennifer’s sorrow and you cheer for her success. Never underestimate the passion of one small girl on a mission to save her secret mermaid. Not everything is as it seems, keep turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Marie a retired Teacher and Nurse now Artist and Author writing both fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. Her sense of humour and knowledge is evident in her books. Well researched and explained for the reader to understand. The messages are timeless and educational while telling a story you will remember. Help save the Manatee.

Myrthe Artist and Nature Lover creating happy art to spread kindness and awareness of the state of our planet. Her creativity and imagination can bring written stories to life. Let’s make the world a better place and care for the future of all Secret Mermaids.

Love, Myrthe

About Changing the World (too) (2)

December 2021. Time to look back !

« I’m going to change the world », I said, 6 months ago

I didn’t think it would change that fast ! For all of us !

What a year !

So many people have been showing their true colours !

Some doors closed, many windows opened !

Friends turned into strangers, strangers became friends …

I think it’s one of the most powerful years I’ve ever lived ! Overwhelming too ! And confusing !

What about you ? Do you realise that this is the perfect time to claim your power ? To become the best You ? Can you feel it ? Scary, isn’t it ? But You can do it !

6 months ago, the question I asked myself was :

« How can I really, with my Art, raise awareness about the state of our planet ? »

I, somehow, want(ed) to convince You (and myself) to stop wasting things (like plastic !), to show more love to our Mother Earth because she loves us and to respect nature so that she will respect us back! I (re)discovered that a funny and kitsch way is the best way for me to create and to speak my truth ! I’ll keep on doing so in the New Year.

But first. Today. I want to convince you to stop wasting your time and energy on things like negative people (on social media or in real life) and negative television like main stream media. Personally I stopped using my personal Facebook account to stop getting overwhelmed by all the different opinions about a very hot and contagious topic ! And I recommend it! We can’t change people’s colours but we can color our own lives and give some of our best colours to the world !

In the new year I’ll keep focussing on spreading Love, Joy and Laughter because somehow, I’m convinced that I was created to do so ! We all have something to give and together we will change the world ! For the better !

See you later !

Love, Myrthe

P.S. The picture is an image (a painting) I created for a Poster Challenge of the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. In 2019. It was the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair and the theme was about creating a better world. It was only once I created it that I realized that it was a National contest and I was automatically disqualified as I’m a Dutch woman living in France. The painting is hanging on my wall ever since and this year, 2021, it started to speak to me more than ever… It’s only by giving eachother a hand, a hug. by embracing our differences and sending our own best colours into the universe that we can create a great new world ! I changed the words of the sign for the occasion. « Bethel Woods Center for the Arts » is now : « A New World is born ! »