Minette and the Sea Legs

It was via Instagram that a friend contacted me. She thought I was in Australia with Minette and asked me if I would transit through Singapore. I would have loved to but I need to be present in the Wonder Garden. A good reason to send Minette and Mérion on a new adventure. They can take the boat in Sydney and maybe Minette can borrow Trim’s Sea Legs.

« Of course you can », says Trim when Minette tells him the news. « I don’t need them anymore, I’m too old to travel, I’m as stiff as a statue ! » « I’ll give them to you but you have to promise to stay in touch »

« Of course I will, says Minette and gives Trim a big headbunt.

To be continued,

Love, Myrthe

Minette and the Sea Legs

Minette in Sydney

1. Minette in Sydney

Minette dreamed about traveling for quite a while already and when I decided to participate at the ‘Incognito Art Show’ in Australia I realised that the time had come to make her dreams come true. Her first destination : Sydney, more than 10,000 miles / 17.000 km from home.

Minette voyage

After the Art Show Minette went for a walk and arrived at the other side of the Harbour Bridge at the ‘Lavender Bay’, named after boatswain George Lavender. The name Lavender made her think of Flowers in France and when she discovered a ‘Secret Garden’ in the area it almost felt like home. She wrote a letter in which she proposed to volunteer and put it in the mailbox of the Secret Garden. She didn’t get an answer (yet). Maybe that’s because it’s Wintertime in Australia and there’s less work to do in the garden at the moment.

Minette decides not to wait any longer and to go explore Sydney …

To be continued …

Love, Myrthe

Secret Garden – Lavender Bay – Sydney

How I met Minette

In 2020. Me and Minette we met in a garden. A garden in a little village at the French countryside. Every time I went there, Minette came to me running and jumped on my shoulder to give me head bunts and kisses. Such a darling cat. The last time I went to the garden I heard that she was no longer there … Minette will live forever in my stories.

Love, Myrthe

Myrthe and Minette