Red, Pink and Blue

Red was found at a local free market the 13th of October 2019. At a free market, ‘marché gratuit’ here in France, you can bring the stuff you don’t need anymore and you can take whatever you like ! Pink was adopted one month later the 23th of November. Also for free ! The ladies of the local « Secours Catholique » said that she wasn’t worth enough to be sold. When Pink went for a walk with us in the woods just afterwards she lost her tongue. She hasn’t spoken a word ever since. Red fell in love with her. Blue was found at a Church’ fleamarket that same Winter.

Red, Pink and Blue are in charge of everything second hand or vintage in my home. They are ringing the bell when too much stuff in the art studio is just hanging around and telling me that some vintage items should become happy in another home. They also insist on making art with old frames and things instead of new canvases and paint.

Since today they are officially my Etsy Shop Members and Curators. I’m grateful for the job they’re doing!

Street Art City – Hotel 128

We were both at a turning point in life and destiny brought us together to laugh and create room 96 « Girls just want to have fun » in Hotel 128 – Street Art City – Lurcy Levis – France. Open every day from May 22th until November 1st 2021.

With Hilary Dingwall-Fordyce and Myrthe Ciancia

In the press by Ingrid Pohu for FRANCEINFO 10-10-2020 : « Je t’aime un peu, beaucoup, passionnément… Chambre 96 – à l’envers ça fait bien 69 – on effeuille les marguerites recouvrant les murs, les bonbons rappellent sans doute les papillons au ventre acidulé des premiers rendez-vous amoureux. Ces peintures sont signées Hilary et Myrthe. L’une est hollandaise, l’autre anglaise. C’est la chambre sur le thème du 5 à 7, la petite escapade amoureuse. »

Here are some pictures I made when the room was almost finished