Street Heart

Always look at the Bright Side of Trash! Recycle Art with Street Find in « Golden » vintage frame … Have a LOVEly day! Love, Myrthe

About Changing the World (too) (2)

December 2021. Time to look back ! « I’m going to change the world », I said, 6 months ago I didn’t think it would change that fast ! For all of us ! What a year ! So many people have been showing their true colours ! Some doors closed, many windows opened ! Friends turned into strangers, strangers became friends … […]

Lady in Red Bull

That feeling when trash becomes treasure, when a sodacan becomes a dress… Rubber chicken lady with googly eye…

L’eau de mère – Bottle Boobs

L’eau de mère – Bottle Boobs (Plastic(!)Bottle Boobs) Because water is mother earths most precious resource!!! Let’s take good care of our mother and she’ll take good care of us!

Nature Morte 1

In French, a still life is called a nature morte which means « Dead Nature ». I like « Still Life » much better as it sounds more positive but in this case « Nature Morte » perfectly describes my feeling and message behind this work. Spring 2021 I picked up some trash and some flowers at the local riverside. I […]

The Rubber Chicken Rescue Committee

Today I want to introduce you to The Rubber Chicken Rescue Committee (RCRC) also called « The Chicks » The Chicks were found in a shop of a destocking company in May 2021. They were screaming out loud at me. I couldn’t miss them ! I paid 50 cents for each to take them home. Calmed down a […]

Red, Pink and Blue

Red was found at a local free market the 13th of October 2019. At a free market, ‘marché gratuit’ here in France, you can bring the stuff you don’t need anymore and you can take whatever you like ! Pink was adopted one month later the 23th of November. Also for free ! The ladies of the […]

The other Photographer

Two photographers means two different visions of the world, and yet we got married one year ago! If each of you is willing to send some love to someone with another world view we can make this world a better place! All together! Especially during the crisis we’re all living in! Let’s spread the love […]

Mariage de Photos

Flashback! One year ago we were installing our photo exhibition « Mariage de Photos » to celebrate our marriage. The pictures I chose to fill half of the exhibition were all part of a personal story. And here’s what I wrote 1 year ago : Pour notre mariage de photos j’ai choisi les images qui représentent mon […]

Princess Trash 2

Yesterday I took Princess Trash to the place where we found her plastic castle! She doesn’t talk much so I really don’t know her story (yet) but when I asked her to help me raise awereness of plastic waste she said yes! We did a little ‘mise en scène’ at the riverside and today the […]

Princess Trash

It was a beautiful day in May. We cleaned up part of the riverside with some local people. When I found this little plastic creature in between all the plastic trash it gave me a big smile on my face. I put it in my little bag and told everybody that I found a garden […]

The Wonder Garden Online

It was kind of a heartbreaking but right decision. The only way to go on creating Art from the Heart and keep on looking myself and others straight in the eyes. The local third place where the Spirit of Openness and Sharing was key is now closed to part of the public. No more Culture […]

Magical August Light

Just want to show you my Ooh’s and Aah’s from today’s walk in La Creuse – France. It’s still so green! I think Autumn will be fantastic this year!!! To be continued …

Plastic Free July – the Winners

The 2 goals for this Plastic Free July were: 1.See if we can drink more tap water (maybe by using a filter?) 2.Create with Plastic Bottles, recycle them, make Art! Well I can tell you that I drank tapwater and I will be drinking more! The first tapwater I tasted was purified with Ceramic Rings […]

Plastic Free July

Today I found out that it’s « Plastic Free July ». It’s about choosing to refuse single use plastic. Or at least try it! I will be using this « plastic free » theme to become aware of how many single plastic I still use even though we do alot of our grocery shopping at local markets with our […]

Waste for the Wonder Garden

Ok so I started to talk about my Wonder Garden project to people around me. I told them that there would be « Waste and Wonders » in the garden of our local « third place » and that I now am looking for colorful waste like plastic bottle caps, soda cans and coffee capsules … Look what my […]

Plastique Fointastique – Happy Hay Bales

It gives me a big smile on my face when I see them popping up in the fields. These huge happy colored marshmallows. Colored hay bales to support cancer research ! Beautiful isn’t it ? Is it ? Or is it just a huge amount of single use plastic hay wrapping to feed the cows for our meat […]

The Wonder Garden – Lesson N°1 – Pl@ntnet

Première chose nouvelle que j’ai appris et que je veux partager avec vous est qu’il existe un moyen simple de trouver le nom d’un plant ou d’une fleur. Pl@ntNet est l’outil numérique qui nous permet d’identifier des milliers d’espèces de plantes grâce à nos photos! J’ai essayé et c’est formidable! First new thing I learned […]

The Wonder Garden – Au Jardin des Merveilles – Inspiration

Un peu plus tôt que prévu je vous fait part de mon projet ‘Au Jardin des Merveilles’. C’est mon nouveau Art Challenge tout en créant de la biodiversité dans un jardin. Je vais apprendre plein de belles choses, je le sens! Voici les photos de la visite du samedi dernier d’un beau jardin pour inspiration. […]

Changing the world – and now what? – what a mess!

I made a statement : I’m going to change the world ! And now what ??? That’s what I thought the next morning. My goodness, what did I say ? I don’t even have a plan ! Luckely I recognized the good fear butterflies flying arround in my tummy. It’s that feeling you have when you make a descision and […]


« Faire la photo c’est refaire le monde. L’embellir avec son regard» (-Myrthe Ciancia- Janvier 2021) « Making pictures is creating a new world. Creating beauty with the way of seeing things » In life it was often my photo camera who helped me to keep moving forward. To see the bright side! My colorful Art is a reflection of what inspires me during my […]

Bancs poèmes – Le Banc d’amour

Flashback : Once upon a time in a lovely French village we planted a bench, a Love Bench. To let love grow! It was in 2019 for the exhibition « Banc poèmes » in Souvigny and it worked! We’re living happily ever after. Still sending out our love to the world. Le Banc d’Amour« Le banc à planter […]

6×6 is Back! Rochester Contemporary Art Center

… and of course I sent something special this year. To celebrate the come back of Art and Culture! My latest Art Theme is « Trash » and while I was mostly ‘just’ making pictures I decided to keep some of my finds to create! I picked some flowers that very same day, dried them and used […]

Street Art City – Hotel 128

We were both at a turning point in life and destiny brought us together to laugh and create room 96 « Girls just want to have fun » in Hotel 128 – Street Art City – Lurcy Levis – France. Open every day from May 22th until November 1st 2021. With Hilary Dingwall-Fordyce and Myrthe Ciancia In […]

Au fil du paysage – Country side strings

(For English version, please scroll down) C’est déjà depuis plusieurs années qu’on voit apparaître des ficelles colorées dans le paysage Creusois. Les fils que nous voyons le long des champs pour faire passer les troupeaux de vaches. Au début c’étaient surtout des intrus à mes yeux mais avec le temps j’ai changé mon point de […]

Open Happiness Trash

« Change the world, start with myself » I said! So yesterday, instead of ‘just’ making pictures of trash (one of the things I’ve been up to lately), we joined some local people to clean up the riverside. Showing you some photos of what I saw while I keep looking for artistic ways to raise awareness of […]

Nos libertés – exposition CAC23

BE FREE! Le CAC23, Collectif des Artistes en Creuse et son association le CAC3bis, vous présententUne exposition dématérialisée impatiente de pouvoir prendre vie dans le réel. EXPOSITION NOS LIBERTÉS (

Dans les pas de Monet

Un petit air de liberté. C’est ce que j’ai ressenti le 3 mai 2021. Avec « le droit d’aller à plus que 10 km de chez nous sans attestation », nous sommes retournés dans les pas de Monet. La Vallée des Peintres, La Creuse, Fresselines. Une bonne raison de (re)créer un blog! Rendons le Monde Meilleur avec […]

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