Traveling in the footsteps of Minette
“Minette and the Wonder Garden”

Minette and the Wonder Camera

“And then Minette remembers the camera she has with her in her bag. The Wonder Camera …” With the Wonder Camera Minette can make and capture memories. Even the forgotten ones like the Birds from the “Forgotten Songs”. Minette starts to look up into the sky through the lens when a Little Birdie says: “Please […]

Minette and the Forgotten Songs

“Listen Minette”, says Trim. “Can you hear all the birds sing?” “Now look! What do you see?” “I see birdcages all over.” “It’s so beautiful and at the same time it’s so sad.” “Where are the birds?”, asks Minette. “Hold up you’re Banksia Lantern now” says Trim. “Oooh”, says Minette “where do all these amazing […]

Minette and the Wonder Lanterns

Look says Trim, this flower is the Flower of Sydney. ‘Banksia Ericifolia’ or ‘Lantern Banksia’. The flower is named after Joseph Banks, a naturalist and botanist who picked it for the first time in 1770 when he arrived in Botany Bay in Sydney with explorer Captain Cook. It’s a Lantern Flower, a Wonder Lantern. If […]

Meanwhile in the Wonder Garden

Meanwhile in the Wonder Garden it’s time for Coffee … Have a Wonderful Day! Minette will be working on her own Etsy shop ButterBookFlies Love, Myrthe


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