The other Photographer

Two photographers means two different visions of the world, and yet we got married one year ago!

If each of you is willing to send some love to someone with another world view we can make this world a better place! All together! Especially during the crisis we’re all living in! Let’s spread the love right here and right now! We all need it!

Here’s my view of « the other photographer » … with LOVE

The Wonder Garden Online

It was kind of a heartbreaking but right decision. The only way to go on creating Art from the Heart and keep on looking myself and others straight in the eyes.

The local third place where the Spirit of Openness and Sharing was key is now closed to part of the public. No more Culture for people who do not wish to show a valid QR code to be Accepted.

As I want my Art to be for Everybody who Choose to see it, my Wonder Garden Project will be moved from the local garden to this place online. Let it be your Free Choice to follow me here!

I adjusted the description a bit … before writing a new one

‘The Wonder Garden’ is still my new Art Challenge. I’ll be making Art and asking myself and you the question : « How can I really, with my Art, raise awareness about the state of our planet ?« , while creating stories about biodiversity in the garden of the ‘third place’ in my street. As I live in an apartment I will imagine a garden ’m very happy with my new playground. I will learn lots of beautiful things, I can feel it! . During my new project I’ll count on you friends-artists-gardeners and others to inspire me and give me advice. I’ll do my best to inspire you and to share the great things I learn!


Plastic Free July

Today I found out that it’s « Plastic Free July ». It’s about choosing to refuse single use plastic. Or at least try it!

I will be using this « plastic free » theme to become aware of how many single plastic I still use even though we do alot of our grocery shopping at local markets with our own bags. In our case, the biggest single use plastic item we use is a waterbottle! As the tapwater in the village is often not good we drink bottled mineral water.

Very recently I started to keep the empty bottles with the plan to create something with them. I’m impressed by the number. In no time I could fill the appartment with empty water bottles. At the pictures you only see some blue ones.

I’m setting myself 2 goals for this Plastic Free July.

1.See if we can drink more tap water (maybe by using a filter?)

2.Create with Plastic Bottles, recycle them, make Art!

To start I created a Pinterest Board with Plastic Bottle Art Ideas. Feel free to follow me or to create with me. When I start creating I’ll share with you how I do it!

To be continued …