Minette and the Forgotten Songs

“Listen Minette”, says Trim. “Can you hear all the birds sing?” “Now look! What do you see?”

“I see birdcages all over.” “It’s so beautiful and at the same time it’s so sad.” “Where are the birds?”, asks Minette. “Hold up you’re Banksia Lantern now” says Trim.

“Oooh”, says Minette “where do all these amazing birds come from?”

“What you see are beautiful memories”, says Trim, “from the time that the birds still lived here”. “They had to move because there are not enough nesting spots in town.”

“But these memories”, says Minette, “only you and me can see them”. “I wish I could share them with the world”.

And then Minette remembers the camera she has with her in her bag. The Wonder Camera …

To be continued …

Love, Myrthe

Minette and the “Forgotten Songs” by Michael Thomas Hill

“Forgotten Songs” is a public art work from Michael Thomas Hill located in Sydney.


MTH Studio

City Art Sydney

Minette and the Sydney Libraries

(En Français sous l’image)

First to the library for information. But which one ? There are so many of them in this big city. Minette chooses her favorites :

She starts at the ‘Woollahra Library’ where she finds herself surrounded by plants. There is even a vertical garden wall. Wonderful !

Then she goes to the ‘Darling Square Library’. It looks like a huge Birdsnest. How awesome is that ?!

The ‘Green Square Library’ has a Garden and Rainbow Books. ‘What a great idea for the Wonder Garden’, thinks Minette, a Book Rainbow.

And last but not least, the ‘Mitchell Library’ where Minette meets

Trim the cat

To be continued

Love, Myrthe

Minette and the Rainbow Books
Minette and the Garden Wall

Minette et les bibliothèques de Sydney

D’abord il faut aller à la bibliothèque pour plus d’informations. Mais laquelle ? Il y en a tellement dans cette grande ville. Minette choisit ses préférées :

Elle commence à la ‘Woollahra Library’ ou elle se trouve entourée par des plantes . Il y a même un mur transformé en jardin vertical. C’est merveilleux !

Ensuite elle va à la ‘Darling Square Library’. C’est comme un nid d’oiseaux énorme. Génial !

La ‘Green Square Library’ a un Jardin et des Livres Arc-en-Ciel. Quelle bon idée pour le ‘Jardin des Merveilles’, pense Minette, un Arc-en-Ciel de Livres.

Et puis la ‘Mitchell Library’ ou Minette rencontre

Trim le chat …

A très vite,

Bisous, Myrthe

Links to the libraries:





Minette in Sydney

1. Minette in Sydney – 2. Minette à Sydney

Minette dreamed about traveling for quite a while already and when I decided to participate at the ‘Incognito Art Show’ in Australia I realised that the time had come to make her dreams come true. Her first destination : Sydney, more than 10,000 miles / 17.000 km from home.

Minette voyage

After the Art Show Minette went for a walk and arrived at the other side of the Harbour Bridge at the ‘Lavender Bay’, named after boatswain George Lavender. The name Lavender made her think of Flowers in France and when she discovered a ‘Secret Garden’ in the area it almost felt like home. She wrote a letter in which she proposed to volunteer and put it in the mailbox of the Secret Garden. She didn’t get an answer (yet). Maybe that’s because it’s Wintertime in Australia and there’s less work to do in the garden at the moment.

Minette decides not to wait any longer and to go explore Sydney …

To be continued …

Love, Myrthe

Secret Garden – Le Jardin Secret – Lavender Bay – Sydney

Minette à Sydney

Et c’est comme ça que le voyage de Minette va commencer à Sydney, plus que 17.000 km de la maison.

Après l’expo Minette se promène et arrive à l’autre côté du pont (Harbour Bridge) à ‘Lavender Bay’ nommé d’après George Lavender, qui était maître d’équipage sur un bateau. En voyant le nom Lavender Minette pense aux Fleurs en France et quand elle découvre un ‘Jardin Secret’ elle se sente presque à la maison. Elle écrit une lettre et propose de devenir bénévole dans le Jardin Secret. La lettre reste sans réponse (pour l’instant). Peut-être qu’il y a moins de travaille au jardin en ce moment vu que c’est l’hiver en Australie.

Minette décide de ne pas attendre plus longtemps et de partir à la découverte de Sydney …

A très vite,

Bisous, Myrthe