Plastique Fointastique – Happy Hay Bales

It gives me a big smile on my face when I see them popping up in the fields. These huge happy colored marshmallows. Colored hay bales to support cancer research ! Beautiful isn’t it ?

Is it ?

Or is it just a huge amount of single use plastic hay wrapping to feed the cows for our meat consumption ?

A fact is that they are part of the country side view and I love to photograph them. Even the black ones often have an artistic side.

I can’t help it ! I am attracted by kitsch and plastic ! It’s confusing for me ! How on earth can I try to safe the planet while loving plastic colours ?

Maybe I should use it as a strenght …

Did I just found my own answer ?

Thank you for reading my perfectly imperfect research to find a way to change the world.

Have a wonderful evening or day !