Minette meets Trim the Cat

When Minette comes out of the library she notices that there’s not only a statue of Matthew Flinders but also one of his cat Trim.

Trim has Sea Legs. He was born in 1799 on a ship that was sailing from Africa to Sydney. As a kitten he fell overboard but luckily he knew how to swim and climbed back on board. He became the favorite cat of Matthew and together they sailed arround Australia to put the whole continent on the map.

« Bonjour » says Minette, « Hello » says Trim, « Do you want me to show you the Wonders of Sydney ? »

To be continued …

Love, Myrthe

First impression of Trim

Here’s a link to the book Trim

The Story Of A Brave, Seafaring Cat written by Matthew Flinders

You can also ask your local bookshop or library about it.