Princess Trash

It was a beautiful day in May. We cleaned up part of the riverside with some local people. When I found this little plastic creature in between all the plastic trash it gave me a big smile on my face. I put it in my little bag and told everybody that I found a garden gnome. Some might have think it was strange that this little find could make me so extremely happy but I saw it as a sign. A sign of life in the middle of all this plastic waste. A sign of hope for our planet. A step in the right direction to change the world. I kept it in my bag for a couple of weeks and then put it on the old fireplace mantel in my home. Waiting for a story …

The day before yesterday we went for a walk at the riverside and we found a plastic castle. « A lost castle » I called it. I didn’t link it immediately to the little plastic creature but when I woke up this morning I just knew it. It’s not a garden gnome ! She’s a princess ! It’s Princess Trash ! We found her Lost Castle !!! Oh My Goodness ! I’m not sure how the rest of story goes but I’ll let you know when I found out ! To be continued…

Waste for the Wonder Garden

Ok so I started to talk about my Wonder Garden project to people around me. I told them that there would be « Waste and Wonders » in the garden of our local « third place » and that I now am looking for colorful waste like plastic bottle caps, soda cans and coffee capsules … Look what my sweet neighbour came up with today. It gives me a big smile on my face! What a great and colorful start! I want more !!! 😉 Waste and ideas are SOo WelCome!

‘Au Jardin des Merveilles’. C’est mon nouveau Art Challenge. Je vais créer de l’Art autour de ma question clé : « Comment je peux, réellement, avec mon travaille artistique, sensibiliser les gens sur l’état de notre planète« , tout en créant de la biodiversité dans le jardin du tiers lieux dans ma rue. Vu que j’habite dans un appartement je suis contente d’avoir un terrain de jeu. Je vais apprendre plein de belles choses, je le sens! Pendant ce nouveau projet je vais compter sur vous les amis-artistes-jardiniers et autres pour m’inspirer et conseiller et moi je ferai de mon mieux de partager mes inspirations et toutes les belles choses que j’apprends!

‘The Wonder Garden’ is my new Art Challenge. I’ll be making Art and asking myself and you the question : « How can I really, with my Art, raise awareness about the state of our planet ?« , while creating biodiversity in the garden of the ‘third place’ in my street. As I live in an apartment I’m very happy with my new playground. I will learn lots of beautiful things, I can feel it! . During my new project I’ll count on you friends-artists-gardeners and others to inspire me and give me advice. I’ll do my best to inspire you and to share the great things I learn!

Plastique Fointastique – Happy Hay Bales

It gives me a big smile on my face when I see them popping up in the fields. These huge happy colored marshmallows. Colored hay bales to support cancer research ! Beautiful isn’t it ?

Is it ?

Or is it just a huge amount of single use plastic hay wrapping to feed the cows for our meat consumption ?

A fact is that they are part of the country side view and I love to photograph them. Even the black ones often have an artistic side.

I can’t help it ! I am attracted by kitsch and plastic ! It’s confusing for me ! How on earth can I try to safe the planet while loving plastic colours ?

Maybe I should use it as a strenght …

Did I just found my own answer ?

Thank you for reading my perfectly imperfect research to find a way to change the world.

Have a wonderful evening or day !